5 Best Krups Espresso Machine Reviews [For 2024]

Krups is a well known German brand and very popular all over the world for its espresso machines. If you are looking for barista-quality espresso, Krups can fulfill your demand. 

Krups makes various types of coffee and espresso machines at different prices. So, you can make coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, Americano, etc with your favorite machine. You just need to pick the right one according to your needs. 

We have researched many espresso machines from the Krups brand and make this review with different models, functionality, specifications and key features. 

I hope it will guide you to find the best Krups espresso machine. Let’s discover…

The Comparison of Top 5 Krups Espresso Machine

61yyPEspMTL. AC SL1500
  • Type: Semi-Automatic
  • Capacity: 1.5 Liters
  • Voice command: Touchscreen
41QvdGqq9mL. AC
  • Type: Fully automatic
  • Capacity: 1.8 Liters
  • Warranty: 2 Years
81NmXnNV ML. AC SL1500
  • Type: Super Automatic
  • Capacity: 10 Cubic Feet
  • Voice command: Dial, Buttons
9174TDZ4BSL. AC SL1500
Krups XP160050
  • Type: Coffee and Espresso
  • Capacity: 10 Cups
  • Warranty: 2 Years
81WN1XMM3ZL. AC SL1500
KRUPS XP100050
  • Type: Steam Espresso Machine
  • Capacity: 4 Cups
  • Warranty: 2 Years

1. KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso Machine

KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso Machine

KRUPS XP3208 will be the best choice for barista-quality taste. Its 15 bar pump pressure will produce an authentic espresso in every shot. It can improve the flavor of your coffee with no bitterness.

Besides, this espresso machine has professional features like a cup warmer on its top. If you have some barista skills then you can have outstanding joe at your home for its manual control selection. 

Its switchable filter will give you the facilities to brew single or double espresso shots at a time. The aluminum boiler will pre-heat the water to make the brewing process fast. It will save you time. The built-in steam nozzle helps you to froth milk for your creamy cappuccino.

Moreover, its large water tank can reserve 1.5-liter water. It is a huge amount for consistent brewing. The removable water tank will be convenient for cleaning.

What We Like:

  • Delivers authentic espresso with no bitterness
  • Large water tank for consistent brewing
  • Cup warmer gives a professional touch
  • Adjustable manual settings
  • Reasonable price

What We Don’t Like:

  • Difficult to clean the metal coffee holder
  • Leakage problem when get aged

2. KRUPS EA8250 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

KRUPS EA8250 Fully Auto Espresso Machine

KRUPS EA8250 is a fully automatic 15 bar pump espresso machine. It is our top choice, if you are looking for espresso from bean to cup automatically just touch some buttons. Its outstanding features will impress you. 

This is a grind and brew machine that has a metal conical burr grinder. The adjustable grind setting helps you to choose the ground type. If you are confused with grind size, just leave it as automatic, the machine will do everything for you. You can rely on this device. Krups did not compromise the quality of this machine. Also, you can store your coffee beans in its attached bean hopper. This sealed bean hopper keeps the freshness of the beans for a long time.

The LCD screen and compact size give it an elite look. You can navigate your coffee type and cup size through its control panel.

Besides, the Thermoblock heating technology of Krups is unique. It controls the temperature for fast brewing and delivers perfectly balanced cups of espresso every time. Its automated hydraulic tamping system gives the user a professional experience.

The removable water tank with 1.8L water reserve capacity for consistent brewing, no need for regular refilling. It will be perfect for a large family or office. Also, the removable drip tray helps you to adjust the cup and easy frothing.

No need  to worry about cleaning this machine. Krups included some additional cleaning accessories with this machine such as a water filter, descaling powder, liquid cleaner, cleaning tablets, etc. Interesting Right?

What We Like:

  • Easy to use
  • High-quality espresso drink
  • Automated touch buttons
  • Built-in burr grinder and bean hopper
  • Self-cleaning system

What We Don’t Like:

  • Makes some noise when grinding beans

3. KRUPS EA89 Deluxe One-Touch Super Automatic Espresso Machine

KRUPS EA89 Deluxe One-Touch Espresso Maker

KRUPS EA89 Deluxe is a super-automatic espresso machine. We can call it an all-in-one machine for its multi-serving facilities. You can brew 15 fully customizable coffee drinks with this machine. If you are looking for premium Café-Quality espresso drinks, Krups EA89 would be ideal for you. 

It also has a built-in grinder with an adjustable grind setting, like the previous one. It is very effective to get freshly ground coffee. You can store coffee beans in its large bean hopper.

Moreover, its frothing system is a little different from other machines. You can take the milk container away from the machine, it is removable and easy to clean.

The stainless-steel body, an OLED screen with touch buttons makes it luxurious. This modern style device has a user-friendly control panel. Also, the water reservoir is extra-large that can reserve 77.8 oz of water.

Besides, the temperature control system has 3 different settings that give you a hot beverage in every shot. This machine can brew 2 cups of espresso drinks at a time. You can put tall mugs up to 5.5 inches for the height-adjustable coffee spout. And, the self-cleaning and descale system makes it convenient for the users.

What We Like:

  • 15 customizable coffee recipes in one machine
  • Stainless-steel body with luxurious design
  • Simple control panel with touch buttons 
  • Built-in grinder and Separate milk container 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Self-cleaning and descale system

What We Don’t Like:

  • The milk frothing function stopped working sometimes

4. Krups XP160050 Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine

Krups XP160050 Coffee Maker

The next one on our list is KRUPS XP160050 dual brew coffee machine. It is a trusted old model for making coffee and espresso in one machine. Krups simply combine a coffee maker and an espresso machine together and share the water reservoir to make this machine. This machine is for those who want coffee and espresso drink at home in a convenient way. 

This machine has a steam nozzle for frothing milk to make your favorite cappuccino or latte. Its programmable coffee side can hold up to 10-cup and espresso capacity up to 4-cup. The warm function of this machine helps to keep the coffee hot for more than 2 hours. You can remove the carafe at any time for its pause and serve feature.

The brewing process is very easy with this machine. Just some simple steps you need to follow like; fill the water reservoir, grind the beans and you are all set to go for your desired coffee or espresso drinks. Thanks to its programmability for automated brew will save you time.

This machine will fit your home or office for its compact design. If you have this machine, no need to buy a separate coffee maker or espresso machine. It will save you money as well as your kitchen space.

What We Like:

  • Quick and simple brewing
  • Compact design
  • Coffee and espresso in one machine
  • Keep coffee warm for a long time
  • Water level indicator

What We Don’t Like:

  •  Sometimes coffee overflow

5. KRUPS XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine

KRUPS XP100050 Steam Espresso Machine

Finally, this one is a budget pick in our list. KRUPS XP100050 is a mini espresso machine. For its small size, it can be set in your kitchen easily. You can operate this machine in a little space. If you love espresso but do not want to spend more money then the KRUPS XP100050 steam espresso machine is for you. 

The 4-bar steam power lets your brewing process quick. Actually, this pressure does not produce enough juice for professional-quality espresso.

Anyway, This machine has a steam nozzle with a 3-way switch knob so that you can froth milk for cappuccino or latte. Its milk frother does not look professional but can produce enough foam. 

The removable drip tray will help you to clean easily. Besides, it has a safety valve in the cap to protect you from any accident.

This machine comes with a 4-cup glass carafe and also includes a measuring spoon.  

What We Like:

  • Produce delicious espresso and cappuccino in a short time
  • Perfect for home users
  • Compact design in small size
  • The safety valve is very helpful
  • Easy to operate

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not enough pressure for professional quality espresso
  • The water reservoir is not removable

Buying Guide For Krups Espresso Machine

Purpose of use

Imagine, you get a commercial type espresso machine, but you don’t know how to operate, how it will be? So, before buying one, you have to identify the purpose of your use. Do you want to use it for home, office or your coffee shop? Krups gives you the freedom to pick the right one from their different models.

Number of cups

It totally depends on the habit of your coffee drinking. How many cups do you take per day? Some people take two cups, some take four or more. So, it varies from person to person. If you need to brew for more people, it will be helpful to get a large capacity reservoir with a fast brewing system. Thankfully, Krups has multiple options to choose from.

Size of machine

First, you should measure your kitchen counter, how much space is there? Because, If you have a little space on your countertop then you should select a small size espresso machine. It is clever to look at the machine size before you buy.

Programmable or not

It is one of the important things before choosing your espresso machine. If you already have some barista skills, you can choose a professional type customizable brewing system. But, if you want simple and fast brewing, select the programmable machine. It will be convenient for you.

Drink Type

We all know, most coffee makers can brew only one type of coffee drink. But Krups has multi-serving functionality. Some items can prepare coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, even tea in one machine. This impressive feature for someone who wants to change their taste frequently.


Price is very important for your selection. You have to choose according to your budget. Compare the machine price and features to know what you are getting on your budget. Krups has many models with different price ranges for all kinds of users. 


Most users worry about cleaning. It is difficult to clean the machine every day. The good news is, Krups makes it easy for their users. Some models have auto clean and descaling functionality. Sometimes, the manufacturer provides the cleaning kit with their espresso machine. 

Final Verdict

These are our top picks from Krups. We have tried to review them from a different angle. You can choose one from our list according to your budget.

Among the top 5, we like the KRUPS EA8250 Espresso Machine most. It is a fully automatic espresso machine with all kinds of useful features. If you have enough budget, you can go for it. 

But, if you are looking for a simple and fully functional machine under 200 dollar budget, we suggest the KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso Machine. It has all the professional features for authentic espresso drinks.
At last, If you didn’t find an expected one in the Krups brand, you can also check our review on the Delonghi espresso machine. Hope it will help you to find a machine from a reputed brand.


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