5 Best Ways To Store Coffee Beans [Keep Them Fresh All Time]

Have you ever wondered which are the best ways to store coffee beans? How to keep them fresh and perky? 

You are in the right place because here you will find the answers to your questions. You will also find many useful pieces of information, and you will learn which things badly affect your beans. 

5 Ways to Store Coffee Beans at Home

 1. Store The Beans At Room Temperature

Place your beans in a closed container. Make sure not much air enters the container. Deposit them in elements that are not close to the oven. If you place your coffee beans near a heat source, they will get destroyed. They would not have the same quality or taste. 

When you expose them to heat, chemical reactions happen. Oxidation is a big problem, and it destroys the flavor. Studies have shown seeds respond better to colder conditions.

So, you can put the seeds in the fridge, but you will have problems with moisture. But when you leave the seeds at room temperature, you will get rid of that problem. 

2. Freeze Them In A Right Way

Although some resist this method, some use it without regret. But if you do not use the chest the right way, you will ruin your beans. Although coffee should be consumed soon after roasting, some like keeping it as long as possible. If you put it in a freezer, make sure you keep it in a quality container. That container must not leak oxygen. 

Use a deep freezer and a cooler temperature. Do not constantly open the container in which they are located. That way, you will destroy the beans, and they will no longer have a good aroma. If you choose a container to put them in, choose ceramic, not plastic. This way, you will avoid unwanted flavors from the plastic container coming into contact with your coffee.

Do not put large quantities in the refrigerator or freezer. When removing the seeds for grinding, do not put the rest back in the freezer. That way, they would harm him. When the seeds are in the fridge, they will have too much moisture but will stay fresh.

So always buy proportional quantities. Do not overdo it because you’ll have to throw away the excess if it spoils down. Do not forget to defrost your seeds properly before you use them. 

3. Keep The Beans Away From The Water

Water affects your beans very badly. That is why it is important not to place coffee beans near water or in wet places. Your coffee beans would be of poorer quality and taste. So, avoid putting beans in elements that are close to the sink. 

Moisture is very important, you should pay attention to it. Keep your coffee beans away from them and store them in a convenient place. You have to avoid steam as well. For example, a kettle could also have a bad effect on your beans. Remove them from all sources of steam, water, and even places where water splashing is possible.

Although there will be moisture in the fridge, it will not adversely affect your beans. If you follow all the instructions, It would be effective. Avoid contact with water and water surfaces until the coffee preparation process. 

4. Keep Them In Original Bag

coffee beans in original bag

It is safest to keep the beans in the bag in which you bought them. They already have elements that prevent it from bad conditions. But most often, these bags are not practical and of poor quality. When you get a bag of coffee beans, make sure that it is very airtight, how protected it is, and whether it can be easily closed. If it is damaged, then look for another way to store it.

Some of them are canvas and are best for coffee storage. The canvas protects the beans from sunlight, and a little air can penetrate. Do not open the bag all the time. It is best to take a quantity that you can consume quickly. 

Coffee beans are best when consumed soon after purchase, fresh. It would be best not to grind the beans until you are going to make coffee. This way, you will avoid opening the bag and losing quality. If you buy grains in local stores, and they are packed in paper bags, you must move them to containers as soon as possible. 

5. Keep Them In The Dark Place

The light also bothers your beans. So you have to find a good hiding place for it. A darker place is the best option. It can be a pantry, or it can be kitchen elements. Remember, avoid hot rooms and stoves. Do not expose it to sunlight. Store them in a container that does not get much air. You can also leave them in the bag they came in.

When choosing a place, make sure the temperature is favorable. Because the rate of coffee beans being stale relies upon the thermal energy transported to the coffee beans. Also, the way it is disturbed. Light speeds up the oxidation process, and it will eventually destroy your beans. 

Although the beans look nice in a glass jar in your kitchen, that way they will get a worse taste. As mentioned, moisture badly affects the grains, and when you add light to it, the charm of the grains would be lost. 

If you own arabica beans, you need to be even more careful. This species has the strongest effect on light because it contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. 

The 4 Things That Could Damage Your Coffee Beans (You Should Aware)

fresh coffee beans

1. Heat

You need to keep your seeds as far away from the heat as possible. The heat has a bad effect on the seed. It dries it out and loses its natural properties. You must keep it away from your stoves, heaters, radiators, and all other heat sources. If you do not move the heat away from the beans, they will become dry and lose their freshness. 

2. Air

Too much air has a bad effect on the beans. That is why we have to find a good container or leave it in a canvas bag. If your seed is in contact with air, its value will decrease because its quality will also decline. 

3. Moisture

You can find moisture in almost every room in your house, so it is important to protect your coffee seeds. Stack it away from water, appliances that produce steam, wet surfaces. Water and steam will not help them at all. You can keep them in your fridge, but store them well to avoid moisture. 

4. Light

Place the beans in unlit parts of the house. Light will reduce the quality of your beans. So choose a pantry or dark cabinets to store the beans there. If two elements that destroy the seed are combined, it will quickly lose its beauty and quality. 

The Bottomline

Here you could read the best five ways to store coffee beans according to an expert. You must keep your beans away from water, air, moisture, heat, and light. There are many ways to store your coffee beans. One of the best is to store them at room temperature and in a dark place. Do not put beans near an oven. You could also freeze your beans, but do it adequately. Place beans in a good container, in which no air can enter.

If you do not want your coffee beans to spoil or lose quality, make sure you protect them from all adverse conditions. Also, you have to buy coffee beans in proportionate quantities. If you buy smaller packages, they will stay fresh. But when you buy a larger quantity, the freshness is lost over time, the quality too.


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