How To Use A Milk Frother [10 Easy Ways To Froth Your Milk]

You have decided to take matters into your own hands. You want to be making your own milk-based drinks like cappuccino and latte. Do you know how to use a milk frother?

You realize that it is vital that you have the skill of frothing your milk.

This article will help you with the procedure of how to froth milk at home.

What Is a Milk Frother?

A milk frother is a device that froths milk.

A milk frother is a unique tool that creates air in milk to result in the formation of foam (froth). The froth betters the texture and overall flavor of the milk to be used in making coffee.

Why Use a Milk Frother?

There are a lot of electric frothers in the market. Many people don’t know the use or the objective of milk frothers. Some very curious people ask how to use this product. You have to do a lot of research about the product, to get the idea and reason for its usage.

Therefore, we will help you to know why you need to use the milk frother and how it can give you better and exceptional results.

The milk frother is used for the foam and texture of your milk, coffee, etc. It gives a new texture and flavor to your espresso and is used for a latte. With a steam pitcher, you can get your coffee with latte art for which you visit the best coffee bars. You can use this product to prepare fantastic cappuccinos at the bar, and start the weekend on the right foot. With the milk frother, you can prepare excellent cappuccinos at home.

If there is one thing that can support us when we wake up, that is coffee. It’s cold outside and the darkness is the pitch (but above all the desire to abandon the blankets is zero), it is precisely the idea of ​​going to the bar to enjoy the first coffee. Creamy and foam-rich cappuccinos – so full-bodied, tasty, and satisfying.

Different Types of Milk Frothers

Milk frothers exist in various kinds based on shape and style, and size. They can be categorized into three major categories: Manual frothers, handheld, and espresso machine frothers.

  1. Manual Frothers: As the name hints, they are operated by hand. They consist of a plunger, a sealed lid, and a frothing pitcher.
  2. Handheld frothers: These are small electric powered whisks that are used for frothing.
  3. Espresso Machine frothers: These are frothers built into espresso machines. They are divided into categories; Auto frothers and steam wand frothers.

The Auto frother:

An auto frother is one that froths milk with no input from the user. Auto frothers manifest themselves into two: “self- contained units” or what can be called “appendage units.”

A Frothing Pitcher

A Frothing Pitcher

A frothing pitcher is a particular container that is used to steam or froth milk.

They are available in different shapes and sizes.

If you have a choice on the material, go for steel. It is of a superior and preferred class.

The butternut shaped pitchers are excellent as they allow for smooth milk rotation; which is you would want.

Talking about sizes, you need to be aware of the dimensions of the compartment of your espresso machine that the pitcher is going to fit in before purchasing. This mostly occurs when your espresso machine didn’t come with the pitcher at the point of purchase.

The steam wands are not of the same length. So when you purchase your pitcher, ensure that the wand gets to the bottom of the pitcher.

What is the Milk Temperature for Frothing?

Warm or cold, both are fine.

If you prefer to froth warm milk, you can warm the milk from the microwave or your stove.

Don’t warm the milk to the boiling point. If your milk boils, it robs it the ability to froth and also makes it taste bad. If it gets to boiling then use it for something else and start afresh.

If you prefer warm milk, better acquire an espresso thermometer for that task. The range to keep your eye on is between 150-155 degrees Fahrenheit.

For cold milk, you can have them stored in the fridge for some hours prior.

Then pour it to your pitcher and froth away.

The goodness with cold milk is that it takes air better and gives you more time to work it.

How to Froth Milk with a Manual/Hand Frother

A hand frother is a device that has a rotating wheel at the end that rotates and thus froths milk.

A hand frother’s other name is the hand pump frother. It is purely hand-operated and thus requires the full attention of the user.

The manual frother has a pump that has to be plunged vigorously up and down for many times (60-90). This is done until the desired thickness of the forth is achieved.

The procedure is:

Test plunge for like 10 seconds till you feel the pressure between the plunger and the bottom rising.

How to froth milk with a Handheld Frother

froth milk with a Handheld Frother

The handheld frother is miniature and small. It is battery operated. Because of it being small in size, it is ideal for small kitchens. If you are into adventure and traveling and you cannot imagine missing your favorite milk-based coffee, then this is an arsenal worth having.

With the handheld frother, you don’t have the luxury of choosing programs. You are left with the still effective option of switching on and off until the milk has formed enough froth.

And talking about enough froth, the other factor when using the handheld frother is the type of milk that you are using. Not all milk types and qualities will be aerated enough to yield the same quality of milk froth.

It is important to note that the frother has no way of warming the milk. You just have to work with what is in the cup.

It also has no carafe or equivalent container attached to it. You have to use the cup or jug at your disposal.

To use it, you just have to have your cup half-filled with milk. Dip the frother inside the milk and turn it on. When the froth has formed to your desired state, you can then switch it off and take it out.

How to use an Electric Milk Frother

An electric milk frother is one of the easiest to use. Most of the electric frothers come with two programs; warming and frothing.

To use the frother, one needs to just pour in the milk in the carafe, close the lid, and then select the milk froth program. For the machine to work its thing.

Depending on the program that you want to use, the manufacturer would give different markings on the pitcher. For instance, milk warming mode will most likely entertain more milk than the milk frothing option. Frothing will need less amount of milk to give room for the turbulence caused by the rotation of the whisk to whip out the froth.

Of all the options of frothing milk, this (electric) is relatively expensive.

Only a good frother can provide you the best forth of milk as you expect.  We have reviewed some best milk frother in different categories. You should have a look before making your choice.

How to use a Milk Frother Wand

froth milk with espresso machine

When using the wand, you have to first purge the wand onto an empty cup of the drip tray. This is an essential practice because if you don’t, the residual water may dilute your milk to your displeasure.

The actual part of frothing the milk is a skill that you will get better at with practice but fast.

First, after you have purged the wand, have it in your adequately filled pitcher. If you have it too deep inside, it will only make some weird noise but not give the consistent froth that is ideal.

If you have the wand too close to the surface, it wouldn’t be useful in aerating the milk in the desired way. You are more likely to have bubbles and not froth. The milk may also be sprayed out of the pitcher to cause a mess.

The trick is to find that elusive sweet spot. You will have gotten it when you see the milk swirling around the bottom of the pitcher. It is this situation that is ideal for frothing to take place and for the milk to heat up a little bit. An excellent hack is to vary the depth of the immersion by slowly raising and lowering the pitcher as you look for the sweet spot.

When the consistency gets to where you like, then you are free to stop it.

If you have done everything correctly, you should have the layer of froth milk at the top and steam milk at the bottom. At this point, it is all ready for the next stage, to be poured into your drink.

That being all about the use of the wand in the making froth, don’t give up when you don’t get it right during the first few sessions.

How to use a Milk Frother on an Espresso Machine

In the market today, there are so many espresso machines of different makes. They are also operated so differently that it is out of place to tell you that there is a standard way out. There is no universal way to work them. It is for that reason that we recommend reading the instructions manual that came from the manufacturer.

You can always check for the instructions online for any espresso machine whose manual you may not be having with you.

You can watch this amazing video by Mariko Amekodommo. Hope this will help you better:

How to use a Milk Frother to Make Hot Chocolate

It is not one of the most natural processes out here. But picture this. You are hit by the chocolate craving, and you don’t have a frother, but you have your ingredients. What do you do?

First of all, warm the milk in a microwave or steamer.

Then add sugar and a spoonful of cocoa powder from your preferred brand.

Go ahead and froth the mixture with whatever means of frothing at your disposal. Remember to follow the instructions of frothing in the earlier sections of this article.

When you are done, heat the chocolate mixture again to your preferred temperature via your microwave or steamer.

Transfer to your mug and enjoy your mouth-watering chocolate.

How to Make a Cappuccino with a Milk Frother

Make a Cappuccino with a Milk Frother

Yeah, you can use the milk frother to make your tasty cup of cappuccino.

For beginners, it is advisable to use a clear glass while frothing your milk for ease in monitoring the results.

Prepare your milk as the coffee brews in the background.

First, warm the milk with a microwave or steamer.

Pour it on the frother and pump it to the point where the quantity is half milk and half foam.

Pour your ready coffee brew onto the cup and pour the milk and froth mixture. The foam should automatically rise to the top.

For optimized aesthetics on your cappuccino, you can hold off the foam as you pour the milk froth mixture. Then mix the milk with the brewed coffee and lastly scoop back the froth onto the cup to easily float at the top.

Enjoy your sips of cappuccino.

How to Make a Matcha Latte with Milk Frother

This is another simple thing.

First of all, you start your preparations like you would when preparing for a regular latte. Then transfer it to a cup as you make sure that the milk doesn’t boil.

Pour in a third of hot water and add a teaspoonful of matcha powder. Next, as you would guess it, whisk the mixture until you get a mushy texture as a result.

Pour this mixture onto a cup of milk. It should be fascinating as you watch it turn green in the process.

To finish it all up, sprinkle matcha powder at the top.

There in front of you is your yummy cup of matcha latte.

How to Make Chai Tea Latte with a Milk Frother

Chai Tea Latte

You can easily create a chai tea latte with a milk frother at the comfort of your kitchen.

You will need the following ingredients:

2 Cardamom pods, crushed

2 Cloves

1 Cinnamon stick

¼ Teaspoon of Ginger root

2 Black peppercorns (whole)

1 A teaspoon of sugar

A dash of vanilla

The Procedure:

Heat up one cup of water to a boil and add all the ingredients above to simmer for half an hour.

Throw in a tea bag and let it stay for a few minutes.

Froth your milk through any of the appropriate processes that have been discussed in the article above.

When all is set and ready, filter and strain the content into your coffee cup and

pour in the milk as you hold the froth to be poured in last.

Enjoy your cup of chai latte.

​How to Froth Milk without a Frother

So you are asking yourself, “If this is an option, then what is the relevance of the upper part of the article?”. Well, the process is more rigorous than you would imagine.

You may find yourself in need of froth milk in an environment where you don’t have a frother. A good example is when you traveled.

What you would need is a jar with a lid.

You will pour in the quantity of the milk that you will need for your cuppa. Close the lid tightly and vigorously shake for 60 seconds.

Proceed to remove the lid and put it into a microwave and heat it up for 30- 60 seconds. The froth should rise to the top, and there you have your frothy milk ready for the next stage.

Hold off the froth as you pour the milk onto your cup of coffee as then stream the froth last.

Just like that, you have your cup of preferred frothy coffee with no frother in sight!!!


It has been a fun journey on the many options of frothing milk. From the auto frothers to the manual frothers to the electric forthers…no stone has been left unturned.

You have also learned how to use the frother to prepare the different types of coffee preferences.

Lastly, we found a hack to froth milk.

If anything, we hope that this article has helped you in getting froth from milk for your favorite cuppa.

Feel free to share it with any friend and family who would find it valuable.


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