Best Beans For Espresso In 2024 [Your Personal Taste]

Coffee Bean is the most important ingredient to make a perfect espresso. Quality beans provide quality espresso. Maybe you are using a super-automatic espresso machine and thinking I will get the best shot of espresso. But you are wrong.


Unfortunately, your espresso beans are not good enough. Espresso coffee tastes best when it is made from whole coffee beans.

So, the following are some of the best coffee beans available in the market to help you. If you are an espresso lover, this review is something useful. We have brought this buyer’s guide to solve your problems. Keep reading…

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Best Espresso Beans

Top 5 Coffee Beans for Espresso Reviews

Our experts have reviewed the best beans for espresso. Hope this will help you to choose the best one.

1. Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee

These beans for those who are willing to invest a bit of money, to treat themselves to a truly unique espresso experience, this Kona coffee is worth it. These single-origin, hand-picked Kona beans are directly sourced from a family farm in the Kona region of Hawaii. They are grown herbicide and pesticide-free (though they are not certified organic). 

These farm-fresh beans are priced pretty sharply, yet they are quite less expensive than all the other Kona options available in the market.

However, you will still get that perfectly blended honey sweetness with little hints of almond and vanilla plus some spicy after notes or an after taste, which is a signature of Kona coffee! 

Farm-fresh: 100% Kona Coffee

Why are these Coffee Beans Perfect?

It is the medium-roasted beans; it helps the beans to uphold their flavors for a longer time. The medium roast of this Kona Coffee blend will give you an overall comparatively less impactful brew both in boldness and caffeine, which suits best to some of the people and bothers others. So, take your tastes and preferences into account before investing in Kona Coffee.


  • Beans: Arabica
  • Roast: Medium
  • Origin: Blended


  • Pure direct from the farm
  • Freshly roasted beans
  • Aroma freshness guaranteed with a Ziplock bag
  • Taste has no acidity or bitterness


  • The price is a little high
  • The coffee bag is of 1 pound nor lesser

2. Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast Espresso

They have a good standing for being a distributor of quality beans with wonderful flavors. The Coffee Bean Direct Italian Espresso Roast is a dark roast blend of beans from South America and India. The aroma is indicative of cocoa and molasses with a bit of smokiness. Coffee Direct also roasts the beans just before packing to lock in aromas and freshness. And the packaging is specifically designed to keep the coffee beans fresh and keep their aroma intact for a longer time. 

Coffee Bean Direct Italian Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Why Get these Coffee beans?

These coffee beans have a honey aroma. It has a blend of South America, Central America, and African beans, which shows the beauty, versatility, and taste it enriches in it. The best and amazing quality that makes it appealing to the customers is its no flavor addition quality. It has its taste; no other flavors have added in it. It is considered for coffee beans that contain oil. But these coffee beans are not too oily. It can help you to get tasty black coffee or espresso. Also, it will remain fresh whenever you will use it because of its foil-lined packaging.


  • Beans: Arabica and Robusta
  • Roast: Italian
  • Origin: Blended


  • Packed in foil-lined bags for freshness
  • Smoky and honey aroma
  • Versatility in aroma and taste lies


  • Marked just according to the US criteria, can differ from other products amidst the same ingredients
  • Measurements for dietary supplements are not covered and informed

3. Kicking Horse Coffee, Decaf

If you are a natural lover of a good and dark roasted coffee, these decaf beans from Kicking Horse may be just exactly what you are eyeing for. Kicking Horse Coffee is an exclusive coffee supplier that is especially targeting essentials like organic products and maintainable practices. 

This decaf combination is made up of beans from Central and South American areas. It is dark roasted while giving it a deep, earthy, and nutty essence with hints of chocolate and hazelnuts. The beauty of this blend is that it can be used with any kind of coffee maker you have on your hand, i.e. from espresso to French Press or even a decaf cold brew. You can make it! 

The process of decaffeination is performed by using the Swiss Water Process, giving you virtually zero caffeine, and still maintaining all of that divinely grown and roasted flavor. It is Fair Trade certified, Kosher, and certified organic in both Canada and the U.S. 

Kicking Horse Coffee

Why Choose Kicking Horse Coffee Beans?

Kicking horse coffee beans are always fresh, natural, pure, and organic. 

Its flavor is the best of all that is of deep chocolate. It is a decaffeinated coffee bean with amazing aroma and taste. Fairtrade is another amazing reason to buy these coffee beans. They support coffee beans, which are good for the farmers and drinkers at the same time. It provides the benefits and plays its role, to strengthen their community. 


  • Beans: Arabica
  • Roast: Dark
  • Origin: Blended


  • Certified and organic coffee beans
  • Maintains freshness in it
  • Decaffeinated attribute
  • Beans are grown in socially liable conditions


  • Beans are a bit oily

4. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee

Lavazza Super Crema is one of the most widely held espresso beans available in the market. Lavazza’s Super Crema validates that they opted to not to expense quality in the face of being a larger distributor in America because the best quality and customer satisfaction is their thing!

These perfect espresso coffee beans are blended and roasted in Italy, obtaining their beans from Brazil, India, Columbia, and Indonesia. As espresso is being a matter of pride and popularity in Italy, it is predictable that the beans will be of amazing quality and will produce the best brew. 

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee

Why Buy this Italy Special Coffee Beans?

The medium roast is mild and creamy with the hints of almonds and honey as well as a mild fruitiness. It has a higher acidity level because of the presence of Robusta beans in the blend and lowers caffeine level than some of the other beans and brands we have reviewed, it is noticeable that Lavazza Super Crema is made up with 80% of Arabica and 20% of Robusta beans to make it a perfect blend, the Robusta beans also arrange for the brew with an excellent crema.

Lavazza beans are also nitrogen induced when packed, for a reason that it gives these beans longer pre-opening shelf life. 


  • Beans: Arabica and Robusta
  • Roast: Medium
  • Origin: Blended


  • Can be used in any coffee maker
  • Holds 100% Arabica
  • Contains high aroma
  • Strongly flavored and delicious
  • A mix of south and Central American arabica class


  • Precautionary measures, for dietary, are not printed on the package

5. Death Wish Ground Coffee

ir?t=esprvo 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B006CQ1ZHIIf you are looking for something that will give you a serious kick of wake up, these are the coffee beans made for you. With a double dose of the caffeine of coffee beans, it is the dark roast that will give you the boost you need for harsh mornings. And similarly, it is the best fit for all-nocturnal, it will help to wake you up.

Death Wish Coffee is all organic and fair trade, which is part of the reason you will see it on a few of our bean rankings. But, the flavor of Death Wish Ground Coffee is also a part of its huge success. Regardless of being quite strong, the resulting brew surprisingly less bitterness and the cherry and chocolate notes from its origin in Peru still make it shine bright.

On the other side, this brew might be too much for casual drinkers and may even taste burnt to those new with dark roasts. These beans are also some of the pricier and heavier on the pocket than the other ones on this list.

Death Wish Coffee

Why Buy the Death Wish Coffee Beans?

Death Wish coffee beans are good to keep you awake. It is rated strong and the best to get rid of sleep, so, most nocturnal use it. It is a dark coffee, which means less caffeine. The packaging of the coffee makes sure that it remains fresh for longer. It also has amazing taste and incompatible aroma. So, just buy this one to get a concentration on your work while kicking out the sleep.


  • Beans: Grounded Arabica
  • Roast: Dark
  • Origin: Blended


  • Has no bitter but a smooth taste
  • Keeps you awake
  • Doubles the strength
  • Quality and freshness are calculated
  • It comes without acidity


  • Strong enough- so, it can be way too much for some people

Our Top Pick

Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee

What we like the most in espresso coffee beans is, Blue Horse. This is a pure Kona espresso coffee. Its beans are farm fresh coffee beans. Though these coffee beans are priced sharply, still they are not as expensive as other espresso coffee beans are.  So, Blue Horse has made our access to homey blended coffee simple. The best peculiarity of it is, you can get the almond and vanilla flavor in it. The signature taste of Blue Horse is its spice and after tastes, this is why it is our favorite espresso coffee bean.

Farm-fresh: 100% Kona Coffee

The flavor or taste of Blue Horse stays longer than the other coffee beans. These are the medium-roasted beans, which will give you a relatively small impactful drink both in boldness and caffeine. So, its medium roast, its long-lasting flavor, and after taste has made it the best of coffee beans for us.

The Best Colombian Coffee

Some people prefer specific regional coffee. Colombian Coffee would be the best for them. If you are one of them and looking for the best Colombian Coffee. Our experts also review some Colombian Coffee for you.

Why is Colombian Coffee so famous?

Colombia is the top third exporter of coffee. Colombia is in the coffee business from the time when the rest of the world was not aware of it in such a manner. It started in Colombia in the 1870s, and later it became popular and became the honor of Colombia. It is among the top in their exports.

The geographical location of Colombia is ideal for coffee growth. Therefore, it adds a different flavor and taste in the coffee beans. The perfect geography that coffee requires is present in Colombia. The icing on the sugar, ideal geography adds a different and astonishing taste in the growth of the beans, which have made it ideal for everyone.

Some Best Colombian Coffee Picks

Moreover, if you are looking for some single blend Colombian coffee beans following are some of the best picks from the wide array of Colombian coffee available in the market. Colombian coffees are the pure Arabica coffee beans that are only planted and harvested in Columbia. Colombia resides in the north of America. One more fact about Colombian coffee is that it has one more step while processing the beans, to enhance and boost the flavor.

1. AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee

As we all know by now that coffee tastes better in the form of beans than in pre-ground form, this is the reason why Amazon Fresh coffee offers fresh whole bean coffee and highly economical rates to all of its consumers. The minimal surface area between the beans reduces the process of oxidation while enhancing the flavor and boosting the coffee experience to exceptional levels for all the lovers out there. 

The whole bean form further allows you to ground the coffee according to the coarseness you prefer. With freshness, delightful aroma and flavor-filled coffee in every sip, AmazonFresh Coffee offers satisfaction to the fullest. 

AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee

Reason to Prefer these Coffee Beans

To preserve the aroma and flavor of the coffee beans it is packed with full freshness right after roasting. So, it provides a fresh flavor to the drinkers. It gives the fresh hazelnut flavor and perfect fragrance which attracts the drinkers. It is roasted at the light, medium, and dark levels to provide drinkers according to their preferences. So, this immediately packed, fresh coffee should be preferred on other coffee beans.

Specifications of AmazonFresh Beans

  • A fully Colombian grown Coffee
  • Pure Arabica
  • Masterly roasted to get real flavor and aroma
  • Highly considerate about freshness

2. Koffee Kult Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee Beans

Koffee Kult Colombian Huila Fresh Coffee Beans are medium-dark roasted beans from the territory from Southern Colombia. Like Nariño, Huíla is 1/3 of the new triangle that is producing the most top-notch specialty coffee.

This Huíla coffee from Koffee Kult will first grab your attention with its intense, chocolate aroma. And there beneath lies the delicious smell of a rich brew followed by the hint of cherry and chocolate with a caramel-toned sugariness. Also, the acidity is milder than the other typical Colombian Coffee, allowing the cup to round out clean and sweet. Not very bitter! 

Koffee Kult Colombian Medium Roast Coffee

Reasons to Have Koffee Kult

It is a blend of Colombian Arabica. Kult Koffee has the best and enchanting aroma with a natural chocolate flavor. It has provided balanced acidity beans. Kult Koffee is a roasted medium and gives a perfect brown color. Its oil-free beans are perfect to make your day the best. This 100 percent Arabica coffee bean can take you out of your bed, so it guarantees your freshness. 

Specifications of this Colombian Coffee

  • Does have amazing Aroma
  • Bold but smooth flavor
  • Pure Colombian coffee
  • Preserves natural chocolate flavor
  • No oil on coffee beans

3. Cafe Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee Colombian Supremo

With the little hints of citrus flavor and perfect shine that exactly looks like cocoa, Don Pablo is an exclusive Colombian coffee that is slowly roasted while keeping a check on the highest quality fulfilling customer satisfaction. 

Don Pablo coffee beans are medium-dark roasted and originated from the Santander which is situated in the Northern region of Colombia. Like many Colombian coffees, these beans are perfect Supremo. Also, for this brand, that label does translate to some pretty too. 

Don Pablo Colombian Supremo Whole Bean Coffee

Reasons to Prefer this Colombian Coffee Beans on Others

The brew from Don Pablo is rich with a milder acidity than many of the others in the market. Additionally, you will detect a hint of vanilla, chocolate, and nuts, you will also experience a smooth aftertaste.

The art of roasting these coffee beans makes it different from others. This slow roasting process, aroma, freshness, and everything shows the strong relationship of the company with it. It shows how much they care for their drinkers and provide the best possible and fresh coffee beans. Choose it for the freshness and smooth flavor you always look for in your coffee.  

Specifications of Cafe Don Pablo Beans

  • It enriches the cocoa taste in it
  • For freshness Artisan roasted Coffee beans are available
  • It contains low acidity
  • Medium roasted
  • Available at very reasonable price

The Best Coffee Beans [Buyers Guide]

When you are considering alternatives for the best coffee espresso beans, there are a few points you should take into your thought.

Well, very much of it derives from one’s particular preferences and likings. This buyer’s guide might suit you if you are trying distinct and new brands before getting the best match for yourself. And settle for the one that is absolutely according to your taste. We desire to propose a few suggestions on what to hold through when buying good espresso beans while considering your personal favorites. 

First of all, start with recognizing the taste and aroma of the coffee you drink daily, either at your home, work, or at your much-loved café.

Secondly, determine whether you like your coffee to be more delicate and definite flavor or a darker roast. Decide whether your darker roast needs to be bitter or richer.

Find its Backgrounds: 

While observing the coffee beans’ packet, you will notice the somewhat written “origin.” The origin denotes the country, location, or region where that particular coffee originated and harvested. For example, India, North America, Italy, etc. 

If mentioned ‘’Single-origin’’, meaning that the beans in the packet are originally from a single source of production. It indicates that a single plantation or at least a single geographic area or land, thus, it is not blended the flavor is usually more compound and is best-loved as espresso i.e. milk-less meaning, that black!

Coffee from multiple sources of production is called ‘’blend’’ and these will taste different. The factors affecting the taste of coffee include weather, temperature, moisture, and somewhat agricultural products. Beans from Asia, Africa, or Central and South America will all taste different from one another due to their harvest, climate, temperature, etc. 

Single Origin vs. Multiple Origin, which one is better:

It depends on your preferences if you like it to be active or light. Moreover, blended coffee beans tend to have a more stable and precise flavor. 

Look for its Roast Kind: 

Roast type can also get defined as a dark roast or a light roast. Dark roast is better for espresso. There can be two types of coffee roasts, such as light and dark roast. Although dark roast is better than light roast for making espresso coffee.

Moreover, it can also be classified as espresso and filter roast, which is best for espresso and manual brewing sequentially. 

Look for its Colour:

The color of your beans must be dark but not as dark as burnt. Overly roasted coffee beans taste bitter and acidic. So, consider the color of your espresso beans before buying any brand. 

Look for its Aroma: 

Consider the aroma of the beans as well. The aroma should be heart-melting, appealing to your taste buds, thus not excessively sharp. If it smells bitter and burnt, indicates that the coffee beans have been overly roasted, look for something else! 

Look for its Packaging:

The vacuum-sealed packaging is invariably the best because it will make sure that the beans remain fresh, and the aroma is intact for a longer time. Foil lined packaging also keeps the coffee beans garden-fresh and can maintain its fragrance for longer. Some companies use the zip-lock packaging, which not only keeps it fresh but never allows the aroma and taste to escape from it.

How to choose the best coffee beans?

When you are looking for the coffee beans always consider a few things:

  • Always look for the origin of the coffee beans. It is mentioned on the packaging in the easily readable fonts. Best coffee beans are ones that are blended. 
  • Always look for the color of coffee beans themselves, but if the color is dark but not the burnt dark. 
  • Always look for the beans that are pleasantly aromatic and appeal to you when you smell it.
  • Always look for the right type of roast according to your preference. There are three types of roasts available in the market, such as dark, light or medium.
  • Always give a good eye on the packaging, it plays a major role in keeping your coffee beans fresh for a longer period. 

FAQs for the Best Coffee Beans

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about coffee beans for espresso that will make everything more clear:

Whole Beans Or Pre-Ground Coffee Beans, Which One Is Better?

Some people prefer beans over ground coffee, this is why we have reviewed mostly beans, and so what is the difference?
The biggest difference is the freshness of the coffee. While you may do everything, you can by checking the roast date on your beans, if they are ground, they will not retain the same level of freshness as they had when roasted
Well we, like other coffee lovers, also recommend you buy whole coffee beans and then invest in a good quality grinder to grind the beans just before you use them to make coffee. Most of the machines these days are smart and strong so you do not have to worry.
Additionally, grinding your coffee beans allows you to get the most out of their flavor. Especially if your machine is not top-of-the-line, fresh grounds make sure that you get a great cup of espresso.
If you do your grinding machine but do not want to do so every single time you make espresso coffee, you can grind in small batches and store. But make sure you store them into an airtight jar to keep the freshness for longer.

Which Roast Is Best For An Espresso Coffee?

For espresso, you must go for dark roast, blended coffee, it is the deadly combination for an espresso.

Where Can I Get Coffee Beans?

These coffee beans are easily available in the market, even if you want them to be delivered to the doorsteps you easily get these from amazon.


These are some of the best coffee beans according to their specifications and unique qualities. It is shown how the coffee beans freshness and their aroma is sealed to make your day, happy and fresh. Like, we have connected all these special coffee beans with you, while highlighting the best part to make it easy for you to choose which suits you the best.


A. I. Moon

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