How to Order Oleato at Starbucks

To order Oleato at Starbucks, ask a barista for an Oleato-enhanced drink or use the mobile app options. Customize your choice with the available Oleato flavors.

Starbucks continues to innovate, blending traditional favorites with new trends, and the Oleato line is the perfect example. Oleato drinks infuse high-quality olive oil into beloved Starbucks beverages for a velvety and subtly flavored experience. With customer personalization at the core of Starbucks’ service, the Oleato series allows for a unique combination of coffee and the smooth, heart-healthy qualities of olive oil.

Whether you’re in the café or on the go, the Starbucks menu, including the mobile app, offers simple ways to indulge in this latest gourmet twist. The Oleato offerings are crafted to appeal to coffee enthusiasts looking to explore a new frontier of taste and indulgence, ensuring that each cup is a journey in flavor innovation.

Choosing Your Starbucks Oleato

Welcome to the exciting world of Starbucks Oleato, a new twist to your favorite beverages fused with a smooth touch of olive oil. Selecting the perfect Oleato blend can elevate your coffee experience. Starbucks offers a variety of Oleato drinks, each ready to tantalize your taste buds with its unique profile. Indulge in the richness of custom-crafted coffee and make your Oleato your personal delight.

Starbucks Oleato

Exploring The Oleato Options

Starbucks Oleato drinks come with various flavor notes and aromatic infusions. Take a journey through your senses as you choose from their exclusive menu. Each option promises a luxurious texture and health benefits of olive oil.

  • Oleato Caffè Latte – A classic choice with a silky finish.
  • Oleato Iced Shaken Espresso – Perfect for those hot days needing a cool, energized lift.
  • Oleato Golden Foam Cold Brew – A rich, iced delight topped with a special foam.

Customizing Your Oleato

Create your Oleato masterpiece at Starbucks with a variety of options. Personalize your sips to match your mood and preferences. A few simple steps can make your drink unforgettable.

  1. Choose your base – hot or iced, coffee or tea.
  2. Select your preferred Starbucks Olive Oil infusion. Options may include Partanna extra virgin olive oil, which adds a subtle fruity taste.
  3. Decide on your milk – dairy or plant-based alternatives like almond or oat milk.
  4. Add any extra shots of espresso or flavored syrups for that extra kick.
1BaseHot/Iced, Coffee/Tea
2InfusionPartanna Olive Oil
3Milk SelectionDairy, Almond, Oat
4ExtrasEspresso Shots, Syrups

Talk to your barista about your drink preferences. They can guide you through the menu, suggesting the best Oleato pairings. Starbucks makes it easy to combine health and pleasure in every cup. Your perfect Oleato awaits you!

Placing Your Order

order oleato at starbucks

Mastering the art of ordering at Starbucks ensures your Oleato is made just right. Follow these simple steps:

Approaching The Barista

Confidently walk up to the counter and catch the barista’s attention. Make eye contact, smile, and be ready to place your order.

Clarifying Your Preferences

Tell the barista your favorite type of Oleato. You can choose from Partanna, Arbequina, or Morianello. Here’s how to specify:

  • Choose your base drink: Latte, Americano, or Espresso.
  • Pick the olive oil type: Mention Partanna for a robust flavor, Arbequina for a fruity twist, or Morianello for a spicy kick.
  • Specify size and any extra shots or syrups.

Remember to mention any dietary preferences such as plant-based milk or sugar-free syrups.

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Enhancing Your Oleato Experience

Starbucks Oleato offers a delightful blend of coffee and olive oil. To make your sipping experience unforgettable, follow these tips. Let’s explore how to elevate your Oleato with pairing options and clever hacks.

Enhancing Oleato Experience
Credit: Starbucks

Pairing Options

Pairing your Oleato with the right food can transform your coffee break.

  • Sweet Pastries: Try a buttery croissant to balance Oleato’s smooth texture.
  • Savory Snacks: Cheese and olive oil crackers complement Oleato’s rich flavors.
  • Fruit Plates: A side of fresh fruit brings out Oleato’s subtle fruitiness.

Oleato Hacks

Maximize your Oleato with these barista secrets.

Extra DrizzleAsk for an extra olive oil drizzle on top for a flavor boost.
Spice It UpAdd a cinnamon sprinkle for a sweet and spicy twist.
Go IcedRequest your Oleato iced for a refreshing twist on your drink.

Understanding Oleato Nutrition

Oleato, Starbucks’ fresh twist on coffee, infuses your favorite cup with a touch of olive oil. It adds a silky texture and a new depth of flavor, but what does that mean for its nutritional value? Navigating through the health aspects of this innovative offering is crucial.

Oleato Caffè Latte

Calorie Considerations

When indulging in Oleato beverages, keep calorie intake in check. Olive oil is rich in healthy fats which means it’s also high in calories.

Oleato drinks vary in calorie count based on size and additions.

Oleato DrinkCalories (Small)Calories (Medium)Calories (Large)
Oleato Latte100150200
Oleato Cappuccino80120160

Tip: Choose smaller sizes or ask for “light olive oil” to enjoy the unique flavor with fewer calories.

Dairy And Sweetener Choices

Dairy and sweeteners can greatly impact the nutritional profile of your Oleato.

  • Opt for plant-based milks like almond, soy, or oat to cut down on saturated fat.
  • Limit added sugars by selecting natural sweeteners or enjoying the drink’s inherent flavors.

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Embracing the cozy comfort of an Oleato at Starbucks is simple. Choose your favorite blend, specify your oil infusion, and enjoy a personalized touch to your daily brew. Remember, exploring the menu can lead to new favorites. Sip, savor, and let Starbucks’ Oleato elevate your coffee experience.

Cheers to your next crafted cup!


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