How To Use Reusable K-Cup: Step-By-Step Guide

One of the best innovations from the Keurig brand is the reusable K-Cup. While using a new K-Cup sounds nice, it is not all that eco-friendly. Contrary to the regular ones, the reusable K-Cups are the environment’s best friend. By taking that route, you won’t need to throw away plastic and foils as often as before.

If you love coffee, then reusable K-Cups will be your “cup of tea” – no pun intended. They’re super easy to brew and prepare; thus, they will swiftly find their place in your morning routine. So, the reusable K-Cups offer the convenience you need when preparing for the day.

Moreover, they are excellent for that little sabbatical from coffee. With them, you have access to a variety of flavors, including hot chocolate and even tea. All thanks to the manufacturers’ care, you’ll enjoy a different taste every time. Plus, reusable K-Cups are affordable and won’t drain your pocket.

Now that we know reusable K-Cups are a worthy investment, let’s find out how to use them efficiently.

Using a Reusable K-Cup: The Basics

Before we dive into how to use reusable K-Cup, let’s find out if they will fit in your machine, to begin with. It would be pointless to get a K-Cup that does not match your processor. Thankfully, the reusable K-Cups are compatible with all Keurig Coffee Makers. 

For tastier results, remember that preparation is key to the perfect cup of coffee. Follow these steps to make the most out of your reusable K-Cup. 

Using a reusable K-Cup

1. Prepare Your Coffee

This step comes first for obvious reasons; it is fundamental. The trick in this first stage is to buy high-quality coffee. The cheaper options will show in your final product, which you’ll want to avoid.  

Once you have your preferred coffee beans, it is time to grind them. Grinding is the secret recipe for great-tasting coffee. Moreover, for reusable K-Cup, there is no standard grind size. So, you will have to pay close attention to the size each time.

Fine grinds are not suitable for reusable K-Cups. They clog the filter and make a mess while you brew your coffee. On the contrary, larger grinds come with different caveats. They might not block the filter, but also won’t allow enough time for proper extraction. As a result, your coffee will turn out bland and weak. 

Hence, the recommended grind size is a medium grind. Use a good quality grinder and set it correctly for full extraction and minimum mess. In addition, if you like strong coffee, go for a dark roast for full flavor. 

2. Brew Your Coffee

Steps to use reusable k-cup

After choosing your roast and grinding your coffee, you can embark on the exciting part; brewing. The steps are simple.

  • Remove the reusable K-Cup’s lid by turning it in an anti-clockwise direction. Just follow the unlock sign for guidance.
  • Fill the K-Cup with your recently prepared coffee grounds. There is a line on the cup that indicates the maximum mark. Do not pass that mark as too much of a good thing can be bad.
  • The reusable K-Cup has markings that indicate the recommended fill for a standard cup or a travel mug. Use either one, depending on your preference. However, be mindful not to fill over those indications.
  • If you want to ensure the coffee blend has settled well in your K-Cup, gently tap it on the sides. Also, do not compress the coffee into the K-Cup as you risk diminishing the filter’s efficiency. 
  • Replace the K-Cup’s lid and lock it. Turn the cap clockwise, and again be guided by the lock sign on the cup. 
  • Lift your Keurig machine’s handle and place your cup in the filter holder. If your Keurig machine is the classic series, align both the K-Cup and brewer arrows. Next, lower the machine’s handle.
  • Finally, add water to your reservoir, choose your favorite coffee option, and brew!

3. Place or Remove the Adapter

The Keurig K-Cup has a universal filter with adjustable size, hence the term “universal”. If you choose a Keurig reusable K-Cup, you should know that it is compatible with Keurig 2.0 Plus Series and the Classic Series. 

Both these machines use different K-Cup sizes. The universal filter has an adapter to make the reusable K-Cup fit and adapt to both. 

To place the universal adapter, line up its opening with the filter holder and hook it up. Slide the adapter into place. Hold the top of the filter holder with one hand and the base with the other to remove the adapter. Afterward, simply push the adapter down. 

4. Clean Your Reusable K-Cup

Clean reusable K-Cup

Maintenance is key if you want to reuse your K-Cup for longer. Improper cleaning will result in undesirable features such as mineral deposits and mold. Furthermore, coffee grounds might settle in your K-Cup and block off the exit.

Cleaning the reusable K-Cup is not as tedious as one may think. The first step is to let the unit cool down after brewing coffee. Once cooled, remove the K-Cup from your coffee machine together with the coffee grounds.

If you have stubborn coffee grounds stuck on your K-Cup filter, there is a method to get rid of them. Simply run your reusable K-Cup through warm water once you have thrown out the loose coffee grounds. 

Next, prepare white vinegar and water solution in a 2:1 ratio inside a container and place your reusable K-Cup filter in it. Let the filter soak in the solution for 20 to 30 minutes. Afterward, remove the filter and wash it with warm water. 

If your reusable K-Cup is not as dirty, take it apart, wash each component with warm water and soap, and rinse them thoroughly. Furthermore, reusable K-Cups are top-rack dishwasher-friendly. If you have a dishwasher, you can spare yourself the extra time to wash your unit manually. 

Final Thoughts

Reusable K-Cup is a must-have for coffee connoisseurs and beginners alike. Not only do they preserve your morning coffee ritual, but they also care for the environment as a bonus. In addition, they are non-recyclable, so they are better off used continuously to avoid daily wastage. Reusable K-Cup is a cheap option as well, considering you get to use one cup as many times as you like. 

You get a treat of amazing flavors when choosing your beans. Furthermore, you are free to adjust your grind size for a customized coffee taste. Reusable K-Cup is easy to use, and the installation, brewing and cleaning processes are straightforward. For different Keurig series, the universal adapters in K-Cups are pretty handy. The adapter ensures a one-size-fits-all for other machine series.

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