What’s The Difference Between Coffee And Espresso [Interesting Facts]

Granted, you may be sure that coffee and espresso are two different things. But what is the difference between them? For most coffee lovers, the difference may not be apparent.

If you are thinking about the thoughts of the difference being the resultant difference in the strength in the flavor, then you are in the right zone.

The significant difference between espresso and drip coffee lies in the preparation method used. 

In this article, you are going to learn the fundamental preparation differences of the two coffee types.

How Drip Coffee Is Prepared

Drip coffee is more comfortable as compared to espresso. The resultant coffee is also less complicated, too, in comparison to espresso.

The names of the drip coffee preparation methods are drip brewing, immersion, filtered coffee, or pour-over. The technique involves pouring water over roasted medium ground coffee beans contained in a filter to get the coffee.

Whether you are using a simple French press, electrical coffee maker, or a simple pour-over, the essence of the drip coffee process remains the same.

Contrary to common belief, the total caffeine content is less than a mug of standard brewed coffee. 

How Espresso Is Prepared

Espresso is simply a strong black coffee that is made by forcing hot water (near boiling) through tightly packed grounds for around 20 seconds. Because of that, it requires an espresso machine that supports the preparation process.

Mostly, the coffee beans that are used in the preparation of espresso are roasted for a more extended amount of time (than drip coffee). 

In general, espresso is prepared using a much finer grind than what would be used to make drip coffee.

Espresso is generally thicker compared with coffee brewed by other methods. It has a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids and has crema on top. 


It is the lovely creamy foam on top of every good espresso. It is this extraction process that gives the espresso the iconic layers that have the crema topping the shot of coffee beneath it.

To make a tasty cup of espresso you need a good espresso machine. Our experts reviewed some top espresso machine on a budget, you can check out before choosing one for you.

Types of Espresso Shots

Over time, baristas went beyond the regular shot and whipped other ways to enjoy the expresso. Here are the different ways to enjoy espresso;

  • Macchiato: This is simply two ounces of espresso with a dash of foamed milk.
  • Lungo: It is a concentrated drink of two ounces of espresso
  • Ristretto: This is a drink of espresso but weighs just under an ounce.
  • Doppio: Technically a double shot, it contains two ounces of espresso (60ml).
  • Cafe Noisette: This is an ounce of steamed milk blended with two ounces of espresso.
types of espresso

Espresso-Based Drinks

Espresso is the base of a lot of many popular beverages that you must be familiar with. Here is a list of them

  • Cappuccino: So beloved that it just had to be top of the list. Its contents are two ounces of espresso, two ounces of steamed milk, and finished with two ounces of foamed milk.
  • Dry Cappuccino: It is a mixture of espresso and foamed milk in equal parts. (It doesn’t have the steamed milk)
  • Latte: The drink is made from two ounces of espresso, and ten of steamed milk. It is then topped with a tad hint of foamed milk.
  •  Mocha: This is composed of 60ml of espresso, 50 ml of chocolate, and 30 ml of steamed milk.
  • Con Panna: This is made with two ounces of espresso topped with three ounces of whipped cream. It is commonly a desert espresso.
  • Affogato: Another dessert espresso. It is made with two ounces of espresso and three ounces of vanilla ice cream.
  • Café Con Hielo: It is the iced version of espresso; it is 50 ml of espresso served over ice.
  • Flat white: This consists of two ounces of espresso with four ounces of steamed milk. If you don’t fancy strong coffee, then this may be what you are likely to enjoy.

Disclaimer, you are more likely to find other versions of the above classics offered in chain coffee shops around your city for your enjoyment.

So Which Has More Caffeine?

In regards to caffeine, espresso has more caffeine per unit volume then drink coffee because the usual serving size is much smaller.

Apart from the fact that they can be consumed on their own, both can also be used as the base for various other coffee beverages.

Now, a question to you, what drink would you rather have, drip coffee or espresso?


Now the differences between the espresso and drip have been cleared out. You are aware of the processes that are involved in the preparation of the two. Espresso has crema, while drip coffee has none. The drip coffee is milder in terms of flavor.



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