Can You Use Distilled Water for Coffee? Should You?

Yes, you can use distilled water for coffee, but it may affect the taste. Distilled water lacks minerals that contribute to the coffee’s flavor profile.

Making a great cup of coffee is an art that involves precision, from the grind of the beans to the temperature of the water. While water quality might seem like a minor detail, it can significantly influence the overall taste of your coffee.

Distilled Water And Coffee

Choosing the right water for your coffee plays a crucial role in the taste and quality of your brew. Distilled water is often mentioned, but does it make a difference?

What Is Distilled Water

What Is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is water purified through distillation. The process includes boiling water and collecting the condensed steam, removing minerals and impurities.

How Does Distilled Water Affect Your Coffee?

  • Flavor Extraction: Distilled water lacks minerals that play a role in extracting flavors from coffee beans.
  • Acidity: The absence of minerals can make your coffee taste flat, as it affects the acidity.
  • Equipment Health: Using distilled water prevents scale buildup in your coffee maker.

Should You Use Distilled Water For Coffee?

Use Distilled Water For Coffee

While distilled water is great for equipment maintenance, it may not be the best choice for brewing. It can lead to a less tasty cup of coffee due to missing minerals that contribute to the overall flavor profile.

Is Distilled Water Preferable For Coffee Makers?

Distilled WaterRegular Water
Prevents scaleCan cause scale
Lacks minerals for flavorContains minerals for flavor
Can be too pure for brewingMay lead to better tasting coffee

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Risks Of Using Distilled Water For Coffee

Utilizing distilled water to make coffee can lead to some unexpected consequences. Here’s a closer look at the issues this type of water can cause:

Risks Of Using Distilled Water For Coffee

Lack Of Minerals

Distilled water lacks essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are crucial for the overall flavor profile of your coffee. These minerals play a pivotal role in balancing acidity and bitterness. Using distilled water could mean your morning cup might taste flat or overly sharp. Consider this:

  • Calcium helps extract desirable flavors.
  • Magnesium enhances the strength and quality.

Impact On Coffee Extraction

The brewing process suffers with distilled water, resulting in under-extracted coffee. Proper extraction is essential for a full-bodied cup with rich flavors. Distilled water’s lack of minerals causes it to be overly efficient in extracting some flavor compounds while leaving others behind, leading to a less balanced taste.

Effects of Improper Extraction:

CompoundEffect on Taste
AcidsCan become overpowering
BittersMaybe underrepresented
OilsCould leave coffee tasting weak

Tips For Using Distilled Water For Coffee

Making the perfect cup of coffee involves more than just good beans. The water you use is vital too. But, using distilled water alone might not bring out the best flavor in your coffee. Let’s explore some tips to get the best results using distilled water.

Distilled Water For Coffee

Mineral Additives

Adding minerals back into the water can enhance flavor. Specialized coffee water additives are available, which contain the right balance of minerals for brewing. You can also create a homemade solution using:

  • Baking soda for smoothness.
  • Calcium carbonate to improve extraction.
  • Magnesium sulfate for sweetness.

A small pinch of these compounds to a gallon of water can do the trick.

Water-to-coffee Ratio

The right water-to-coffee ratio is critical for the perfect brew. A general guideline is one to two tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of water. Experiment with these measurements to suit your taste. Here’s a simple guide:

Coffee StrengthWater (6 oz)Coffee
Light6 oz1 tbsp
Medium6 oz1.5 tbsp
Strong6 oz2 tbsp

Remember to adjust depending on your coffee’s roast level and your personal preference.

Alternative Water Options For Coffee

Good coffee starts with good water. This means exploring alternatives beyond tap water. Distilled water might not be ideal due to its lack of minerals. Your morning brew deserves better. Below, two excellent water options await to enhance your coffee experience:

Filtered Water

Filtered Water

Using filtered water can be a game-changer for your coffee. Filters remove impurities that can alter taste. They leave essential minerals that coffee needs. These minerals help extract the best flavors from your beans.

Let’s consider the benefits:

  • Balanced Mineral Content: Filters maintain a perfect mineral balance. This balance is key for drawing out the coffee’s natural character.
  • Improved Taste: Chlorine and other tap water chemicals can spoil taste. A good filter pulls these out, letting the rich coffee flavors shine.
  • Scale Reduction: Filters reduce limescale buildup in your coffee machine. Less scale means longer equipment life and consistent taste.

Spring Water

Spring Water

Spring water is nature’s gift to coffee lovers. It comes from underground sources. It carries a fresh taste with a mix of natural minerals. Certain spring waters are perfect for coffee. Look for ones with balanced pH and mineral content.

Here’s why spring water stands out:

  • Natural Filtration: Earth layers naturally filter spring water. This results in a pure taste that complements your coffee.
  • Consistent Quality: Unlike tap water, which can vary, spring water offers a consistent quality. That means a uniform taste for your coffee every day.
  • Optimal Hardness: Coffee loves slightly hard water. Many spring waters have the perfect level of hardness for a splendid brew.


Summing up, using distilled water for your coffee can lead to a purer taste and prevent mineral buildup in your machine. While it’s not essential, it’s an option worth considering for coffee lovers seeking peak flavor and longevity of their brewer. Cheers to a clean cup of joe!


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