Best Coffee Maker With Hot Water Dispenser

Not everyone drinks coffee, some like tea and some other hot beverages. All this requires hot water, right? But, It is not possible to boil the water every time.

What if your coffee maker has a hot water system?

The coffee maker with hot water dispenser is offering this facility. Having this machine, you can make coffee as well as tea, soup and other hot drinks.

But it is difficult to find the best coffee maker with hot water dispenser. And it is impossible to read all the reviews and features, it would be very time-consuming.

No worries, we have done a lot of research, analyzed the all details of each product and selected the top 5 coffee makers for you.

Keep reading to find an ideal coffee maker as per your needs.

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Coffee Makers with Hot Water Dispenser

Top 5 Coffee Makers With Hot Water Dispenser

This article will bring together all the information you need concerning the best coffee maker with a hot water dispenser that are currently trending in the market in terms of their features, descriptions, pros, cons, prices and where to purchase them.

5. Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center

Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Maker

You will never worry about how to prepare coffee for your big family unless you have one since Cuisinart SS-15P1 has the capacity of 12 cups. Cuisinart has a programmable function. This will render you the freedom to multitask since it will automatically go off when your coffee is ready. Additionally, its carafe is adjustable, therefore you’ll be able to keep your drink as per your wish. 

 Why Have Cuisinart SS-15P1?

Cuisinart is very portable. Consequently, you’ll be able to pack and travel with your coffee into your workplace in case it’s necessary. The hot water system in the Cuisinart coffee maker will enable you to enjoy instant coffee hence saving your time. 

Apart from being modern, the silver colour of the Cuisinart coffee maker will make your smart kitchen to be more lucrative.

We like

  • This large capacity coffee maker can serve 12 cups at one time
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Its programmable feature helps to make changes

We don’t like

  • The bottom side is prone to rust

4. Ninja Automatic Cold & Hot Brewed System

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed Coffee Maker

Ninja boiling and cold-brewed structure land in the top-notch list of the best five coffee makers because it’s able to brew you both hot and iced cold drinks. You are free to enjoy any drink of your choice irrespective of the time. 

Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology enables the ability of the Ninja system to brew both cold and hot beverages. Additionally, you can make a cup of drink in several options i.e. half carafe or full carafe. It enables a hot brewing that will allow you to enjoy a strong and flavorful hot tea when it’s cold.

Contrarily, you as well use it to brew a flavored iced beverage when the weather is cold. 

Why Have Ninja Cold & Hot Brewed System?

The removable water reservoir in it will save you time when filling. Furthermore, its capacity to contain 10 cups confirms your satisfaction.

Its durability varies from one Ninja machine to another due to the difference in the materials they have made of. The metallic Ninja machine is durable than a rubber and plastic ones. This also affects their prices.

Most ideas from the people’s comments (inside thoughts) confirm the Ninja hot and cold-brewed system to be the best outlining its ability to brew both hot and cold beverages, easy to use and works very quickly.

We like

  • Has a removable water reservoir
  • Programmable
  • Brew both hot and cold beverages
  • Has a large capacity of (10 –cup) glass carafe
  • Classic coffee and tea brew style

We don’t like

  • Metallic Ninja machines are prone to rust if not well kept
  • Slow as compared to other coffee makers like Keurig K- Elite

3. Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee-on-Demand

Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Cuisine DCC–3000 is a 12-cup programmable coffee maker. This will enable you to brew and serve enough coffee or tea for your family or visitors. 

Using a Cuisine DCC–3000 coffee makers will improve the lucrative nature of your kitchen due to its shiny and smart black color. Additionally, it has a programmable function. Therefore, you are assured of constant fresh-brewed cups of tea or coffee the whole day as per your preference. 

Why Have Cuisinart DCC-3000?

If you need a fresh hot coffee at any moment of the day, cuisine DCC – 3000 is the best order for you to place and purchase. It brews a cup by cup coffee through the use of unique coffee on-demand technology. 

You won’t take long when refilling or cleaning cuisine DCC–3000 coffee makers since it has a removable water reservoir. Furthermore, you’ll be able to know the right amount of water to add since it has a coffee gauge that constantly counts down the number of cups remaining.

We like

  • It has adjustable auto-shutoff
  • Programmable
  • Large capacity-12 cups

We don’t like

  • Not affordable to low budget customers

2. Keurig K Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Elite Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

If you have a fixed schedule in the morning and you would like to catch up with time, the Keurig K–coffee maker is the best for you. It can brew you a cup of coffee in less than two minutes.

Additionally, its stainless steel and brush slate colour makes it very catchy, therefore, the purpose to purchase it and your kitchen will be the most attractive. 

The Keurig K–coffee maker has numerous and flexible features hence will enable you to brew multiple K-cup pod sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 –ounce versions. Furthermore, it’s able to make a strong brew in case you would like to have a bolder cup of coffee. 

Why Have Keurig K Elite? 

The Keurig K–coffee maker has a large 75oz water reservoir that can enable you to brew 8 cups before you refill it. This will be done in a short time hence simplify your morning schedule.

The reservoir is easily removable therefore you will use less energy and time to refill it.

We like

  • High brewing speed
  • Large capacity – 8 cups
  • You can select brewing strength
  • Iced – coffee making

We don’t like

  • Customers service issues

1. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee  Maker

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker appears on the top selection of the best coffee makers because it will give the freedom and flexibility in making any brew of your choice from fresh grounds to K-cup pods. 

You can freely brew a full pot on the carafe side or use a single-serve pod to make a cup of coffee for yourself. Each side of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker has a water reservoir that is easily filled. Therefore you’ll save time as you avoid confusion or over-filling. 

Additionally, you are free to choose the strength of the brew on both sides of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew based on your preference. 

Why Have Hamilton Beach FlexBrew?

Most importantly, you cannot be worried about the big number of visitors or family members you want to serve because Hamilton Beach FlexBrew coffee maker has a full pot side that can brew up to 12 cups of coffee. 

You have the freedom to multitask as you brew your coffee since the Hamilton machine is programmable and it has automatic shut off, pause and reserve. You are guaranteed a self-satisfaction of the best coffee flavor since you can brew up to 10oz from the single-serve side of the Hamilton machine.

We like

  • Affordable
  • Very easy to use and control
  • Programmable
  • Has automatic shut-off
  • Minimalist design
  • Capacity to place extra brewing heads for more than one cup

We don’t like

  • Not very fast like K- Cup machine

Things To Consider Before Buying A Coffee Maker With Hot Water Dispenser

Thinking to buy a dispenser after reading all the benefits of it, then you should keep in mind some points before buying. 


You should be clear about which type of machine you want to buy. There are many types of models available like drip, espresso and combination coffee maker. Each has its specialty so; you have to know before buying it. 

Drip= If we consider current popularity then it is most at the moment. As the name implies, they make coffee, allowing the almost boiling water to drain into the soil contained in the filter. If you prefer high caffeine, consider a drip coffee maker. Another distinctive feature of the coffee machine is that they are very suitable for identifying specific flavours, aromas and aromas of various types of coffee beans. In fact, for this reason, most beans of the same origin are classified as drip coffee. 

Espresso= Who loves to drink milk-based coffee then I will advise them to go with an espresso machine? These devices are designed to brew a high concentrate of black coffee, which is then used as a base to create specialty beverages.

Combo= Combination Models are for those who love to drink both milk and black coffee. It is also beneficial if you think to buy separate both models so it saves space and cost. 


Machines have two categories one is pods and the other called grounds.

If you want freshly ground coffee then grounds are better. It largely depends here on how you are better skilled for gridding skill and quality of the roasting. 

Pod coffee makers are preferred for their convenience and stability. Especially When you hurry and can’t afford to start measuring the ground, add a coffee bag and your cup will be ready in a minute or two. On the other hand, in the long run, pods are more expensive than harmful to the environment. 


Most coffee machines retain water in an integrated tank from which they extract the required quantity for each size of coffee. The water tank can range from a different scale.

You may need a machine that doesn’t require regular refilling. However, you are coffee lovers on the other hand, if you are the only one who will use it, and you need only 1-2 cups of coffee at a time, a model with a small tank is right for you. 

Glass or Thermal:

If you are looking after a coffee maker, then you should consider a jug. Glass coffee pots are more low cost than thermal. These devices have a hot plate that keeps your coffee hot for several minutes or hours. Its main disadvantage is that the constant heating of the coffee quickly makes it obsolete. 

Thermal decanters, on the other hand, do not depend on a heating stove, since the design of the boiler itself is sufficient to keep its contents warm. On the other hand, these machines are more expensive and the jar cannot go to the dishwasher. 


If you are a true coffee maker then, you can control how strong or hot your drink will be, this is priceless. Some coffee machines are automatic so no degree of adjustment, others allow you to set your preferred temperature and the strength of the drink. If you are looking for an espresso machine with a foaming agent, you can also check if the foam system allows you to adjust the amount of foam and the temperature of it.

What Is A Coffee Maker With Hot Water Dispenser?

The amazing machine that can serve you a hot beverage, not just coffee but others also your favorite instant soup, cocoa, tea and many more. You heard it right not just coffee because these programmable coffeemakers are not just coffee makers but also hot water dispenser which works independently, meaning you can use it separately or at the same time. 

This machine has all the usual features of programmability, the Brew Pause feature wherein you can already enjoy your cup of coffee before the brewing cycle has finished. Carafe Temperature Control offers a heater plate with high, medium and low to keep the temperature of your coffee exactly the way you want it.

And, the Hot Water System which heats up fast. It is also a user-friendly machine wherein there is an indicator light that will let you know when the water is already hot and ready to dispense or when it is already time to refill. There is also a removable drip tray that allows you to have room for tall travel mugs.

Why Should I Buy A Coffee Maker With Hot Water Dispenser?

There is a lot of reason and advantage to love this coffee maker. Imagine your morning by having a good cup of brewed coffee and oatmeal on the side that you’ve made using one machine.

This coffee maker and water dispenser could give every mom and dad the convenience that they could serve a good cup of coffee and a hot chocolate for the kids at the same time. This machine is also perfect for family gatherings. You can serve them a good cup of tea in just a simple press. This coffee maker with a hot water dispenser is a good deal for everyone. 

Aside from its usage, buying this machine is a good investment because it gives you the warranty for a long time, unlike the other product that you can get in the market. You can order this product at a reasonable price from the market or online service.

The Benefits Of Having A Hot Water Dispenser

Here are some of the benefits you can have while having a hot water dispenser at your home:


The kettle consumes a lot of energy in a short time. The dispenser uses a lower energy level for a longer period, and since the water in the tank does not cool among the water used, it heats it faster and more efficiently. When the frequency of use is more than kettles waste more energy for boiling. It also needs any human involvement to complete the process and dispensers are more energy-efficient and getting it by just pushing on a tab. 


Nowadays each corporate office is getting a hot water dispenser, so they don’t have to wait like a kettle. The metering faucet on our automatic hot water dispensers will provide an instantaneous flow of hot water at the ideal temperature for all your hot drinks. As a result, everyone saves time. Think that you have 10 employees at the office and each is approx. taking 5 minutes for boiling water for tea or coffees using Kettle if each one is used three times in a day then the company has lost 180 minutes per day. 


Use of a Hot water dispenser at a lower energy level to maintain a large water tank at the optimum temperature than the kettle, as the kettle consumes a lot of energy for single use. Because of that, the hot water dispenser is more than an efficient product to save you money. 

Boost in Breaks

When there is lots of task pending and burden at work then it’s advisable not to take breaks right. This poses many problems: productivity decreases when people get tired. In terms of the health and well-being of your employees, you want and must not only stay dehydrated but also take breaks for those who are entitled to it. What repels when it comes to making a drink is that it is put in its place to put the kettle, make me prepare too and go out. But with a hot water dispenser, when an employee needs it, you can prepare your favorite hot drink in seconds. 


We should not ignore health and safety-related issues at the workplace during the use of hot water dispensers. However, these hot water dispensers are equipped with fuses in the hot water tap to prevent any erroneous consumption of hot water, thus avoiding burns and other related injuries. The dispenser has already been installed with a safety lock so it will prevent the use of it until and unless intensely use it. 


It is good to go with Hot water dispensers during traveling or journey it is safe and easy to use. This makes them suitable in any environment where people may have mobility problems. Boilers can be difficult to carry or replace. Not to mention the fact that boiling water itself is a hazard. Taking water from the dispenser is as simple to use as just press a tab of it and fill the cup with boiling water.

Final Thought

Morning coffee is a very vital refreshment, only the best coffee maker can fulfill your demand. Take a moment and reflect on the features, descriptions, pros and cons of the above top 5 coffee makers with hot water dispensers then place your order on the most preferable one that best suits your interest. 

I hope our review and buying guide helped you to find the best one. Have a happy time with coffee!


A. I. Moon

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