How to Make Iced Coffee with keurig [Easy Steps]

On a casual morning, the taste or just the idea of a hot cup of coffee is a slice of heaven. But you won’t say the same of a sultry summertime. There is nothing you would want your hands on more than a crisp and refreshing glass of iced coffee.

Actually, so you know, the iced coffee was first brought into being by French troops as they colonized Algeria in the mid-1800s. The sweltering desert heat was what necessitated the invention. 

Four or five bucks is all that it takes to have your craving sorted at the coffee shop around the block. But what if there is a way to make your iced coffee at home at a much lower cost?

Well, this post will answer that question by breaking down the process of how to make iced coffee with Keurig at home. 

Just that we don’t leave anyone out, Keurig is not a person, but a coffee machine.

It is a preferred choice because it is speedy and convenient (though at the expense of quality sometimes). Keurig is cheaper compared to its high-end competitors.

What You Will Need

To successfully prepare your iced coffee at home, you will need the following items and products;

  • A Keurig coffee maker (any model should be fine)
  • Ice or frozen coffee
  • 1 Dark coffee K-Cup pod
  • K-Cup of your choice or My K-Cup Reusable filter
  • Milk and, or creamer (optional)
  • Sweetener, to taste (optional)


prepare iced coffee

Turn on the Keurig. It will begin heating the water. Pop in your K-cup or My-cup pods.

(You have to decide the brew method and the cup size based on your preference)

If using the K-cup, put your grounds into it before popping it into the machine.

In the meantime, get your ice off the tray and transfer them into a cup. 

(If you are not sure of how much to use, you can have the ice in a separate glass. Then when the brew is ready, you can drop the ice cubes into your coffee, a little at a time.) 

Once your brew is ready, pour it onto the cup that has the ice cubes. You wanna prefer robust coffee because the melting ice will dilute it to some degree. Also, milk and cream affect the flavor of the coffee. 

If you are brewing your coffee directly over ice, it is not advisable to use glass. The change in temperature caused by the interaction is very likely to cause the glass to crack. It is therefore advisable to use other materials like ceramic cups. 

Then with the brew and coffee all mixed up, it is time to pour in some milk and a little creamer. Cold milk is preferable because it will help cool the drink faster and also slow down the melting of ice (just like you would prefer). 

Voila, there you have it, your ice coffee ready for your enjoyment. 

If you want to push your caffeinating moment, you can enjoy it in a straw cup or tumbler.

Using Coffee Cubes

Coffee Cubes

There is the option of using ice coffee instead of ice. This emerged from the coffee purists complains that the molten ice dilutes the taste of the ice. Especially if you prefer to take your sweet time drinking.

The way to deal with that is by freezing your coffee. Yes, Just that it is a little bit of a hassle compared to that of using ice. But we know that nothing good ever comes out of the comfort zone. 

Here is the procedure of using your frozen coffee to make your iced coffee-

  1. First of all, brew enough coffee to fill your ice tray.
  2. On your silicon or metal ice tray, pour your brewed coffee on it. If your ice tray is made of plastic, you will have to wait for your coffee to cool before proceeding to pour (on it).
  3. Proceed to carefully put the tray in your freezer. You can set the plate in a ziplock bag to prevent it from absorbing the freezer odors, thus interfering with the flavor of the coffee.
  4. Wait for 5 hours.
  5. After the 5 hours, your “coffee cubes” should be frozen and ready to be transferred to your cup or tumbler.
  6. Try adding a flavored syrup for fun and enjoy your beverage.


You now know about all there is about making iced coffee at home with a Keurig.

Whatever route you find that fits you; (using ice cubes or coffee cubes), you realize one thing. That you have yourself a fantastic cup of cold coffee and a significant fraction off what the coffee shop would have charged you. One other impressive thing is the fact that it is such a simple process that takes a short time.

It is time to stop regretting why you didn’t know this earlier and work on getting to perfect the adjustments of the ingredients for your future.


A. I. Moon

A.I. Moon, an experienced SEO Pythonista, spends his days coding and developing web applications to help business owners. A passionate coffee enthusiast, he believes that drinking coffee fuels his creativity and productivity. His day isn't complete without the rich aroma and invigorating warmth of a perfectly brewed cup. This love for coffee inspired him to found EspressoRivo, a platform dedicated to sharing his coffee knowledge and fostering a community of passionate aficionados.

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