Espresso Machine Repair at Home Today [A Complete DIY Guide]

After spending a tiring day reaching home if you get a cup of coffee, wouldn’t it be the best thing you can have?

An Espresso Machine makes it easier for making coffee or your favorite drinks. But if your espresso machine is not working well or it has become damaged somehow?

In a typical sense, you will take the machine to the repairman or a knowledgeable barista. Then I say, you can stave off the repair bill by fixing your espresso machine at home!

Yes, this is what I said.

First of all, you have to know what damages can happen to your machine as well as how to fix those sitting at home.

I am going to provide you a complete DIY guide to Espresso Machine Repair at home. I hope this will seem useful to you.

What Problems Can Occur to Your Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine Repair is not feasible if you can’t identify it. Then it will not be possible to repair it. So, at the very beginning, you should know the problems that possibly happen. And later try to solve these according to the instructions given in this article.

  • Water leaking
  • Vapor lock
  • Not pumping water
  • Indicator of water tank showing empty
  • Receiving flashback before filling
  • Relay clicking sound
  • Slow delivery of water

Water Leaking

Poor sealing on the shaft or the O-ring is the cause of water leaking and the water leaks from the pump. You can fix the problem quickly.  Here is the solution for you.

  1. Purchase first a new seal of a correct diameter that fits the shaft or the O-ring.
  2. Check the manual where the instruction is given for the actual part size.
  3. If there is a power supply in the machine, then disconnect it.
  4. Then access the pump.
  5. Remove the poor seal.
  6. After cleaning the area, add the new one.

Another cause of water leaking is excessive coffee grounding. Coffee grounding happens around the rim. This impedes the seal and causes water leaking between basket and group head. For this, after tamping wipe the rim. Do the procedure after using the machine every time.

Loose connections on the pressure relief valve are one of the causes of water leaking. Stop the power supply and let the machine cool. Then use your fingers for tightening the loose connections. Provide a watertight seal.

Vapor Lock

If superheated air creates pressure, particularly on the pump in the boiler, the vapor lock creates. Your espresso machine repair is necessary for this matter. It takes six minutes to solve the problem.

  1. Let the machine cool.
  2. Then fill the water tank with cold and filtered water. Before this clean the brew head screen. Down the smooth side and up the waffle side.
  3. Put cups under the brew head as well as the steam wand. Turn the power on, the opening of the knob of the steam wand is necessary.
  4. After two minutes, turn the brew button on and then run for two minutes more.
  5. After four minutes, turn off the brew buttons, keep the steam wand open for two minutes.
  6. Moreover, after this process, water will flow through the brew head and steam wand. Even after this, if the problem remains, then repeat the whole process.

Indicator of Water Tank Showing Empty

espresso machine problem

If the magnetic float stuck, then the water tank shows empty even though the tank is full. It does not float correctly on the water. So, detach the power supply, remove the magnet. Wash the magnet thoroughly and keep it in its place. As a result, it will show the water level floating up and down in the water tank.

This can also cause an increase of limescale and even coffee grounding by the tank edge. Only a thorough clean can solve the problem in this case.

Receiving Splashback Before Filling

It is one of the most common failures of Splashback on espresso cups before filling the steam pockets. You can manage this by reducing water temperature. Alternation of maximum temperature is necessary.

Not Pumping Water

Prime the pump if the machine sits throttling on air. Open the steam valve and let the steam run for 30 seconds or more. The pumpless machines will not have this.

Again, some machines have water reservoirs which can be removed. Check the valve. The machine is probably clogged. You can remove this using a single screw. First, try to run the pump (if the machine has a pump) without a group head. If the machine is doing well, then soak the head. You should soak in hot water for 30 minutes, wipe the dirt using soft cotton.

Relay Clicking Sound

Testing your pump motor using a multimeter, you will see the voltage is showing but no current flow. If so, then the capacitor is not working. Pull the brain of the machine, replace the capacitor with a new one, and reconnect it. And the problem is solved!

Slow Delivery of Water

Espresso Machine Not Pumping WaterIt results in the bitter taste of the espresso. The more you grind the coffee coarser, the less is the bitter taste. Water faces resistance and slowly passes through the grounds. Water absorbs too much from coffee beans. Different grinding grades and different level tamping can solve it. If the solution does not work, then using a screw removes the screen which is inside the group head and cleans with hot water.

If you have a high-quality machine from a trusted brand then you can avoid this type of repair suffering easily. Our experts reviewed some top-knock espresso machines under 500 which are best in the market. I hope that will help you to make the best choice.

Final Verdict

It’s normal to have an espresso machine at home. Because you are a coffee lover. Therefore, with the knowledge of various types and classes of coffee, and the process of coffee making, you better knew to solve the problems of your espresso machine. Because sometimes the repair cost is more than the machine cost. So, if you can repair it sitting at home, then what is the necessity of going to the mechanic or repairman?

From above you can have a clear concept of the problems of the machine and their solutions. Espresso Machine Repair is not as complicated as you think and can remove these without any cost or at a small charge. So, try this at your home and blow your mind up with the fume of a cup of coffee.

And also if you don’t know how to use an espresso machine properly, then you can damage your espresso machine automatically. You can learn more from our other article about how to use an espresso machine.


A. I. Moon

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